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ChainLinx Free-standing Panels


The CHAINLINX System has an industrial look,
but don't let that fool you.  It has very sophisticated parts
and uses.  A complete line of wall and floor units makes
this one of the hottest merchandising system on the market.
All metal parts come in a grey epoxy powder coating that
makes them just a tough as they look!

The picture to the left shows how two Wall Panels
can be clamped together to create a simple, free-standing display.


ChainLinx Wall Panels
The Wall Panels come in two heights; 72" and 96".  Both have 1-1/4" diameter round
tubing with universal slotting to accept accessories.
Leveler legs at the bottom are supplied so you can create free-standing zig-zag screens
using the Joiner Clips shown to the right of the panel. Panels are 24-3/4" wide.
Panels are pre-packed in boxes of 2, so please order accordingly.
Stock Number


Price Each  
FC72/EC ChainLinx Wall Panel, 72" High (Please order in 2's) $92.00  
FC96/EC ChainLinx Wall Panel, 96" High (Please order in 2's) $128.00  
FJC/EC ChainLinx Joiner Clip (Please order 2 per joint) $2.65  
Chainlinx Free-standing Panels
If you need to have a single panel stand alone you can choose from either of these two.
Please keep in mind that the T-Shaped legs are more stable and you can place items
on either side.  But the L-Shaped legs are great if you want to place the panel back
against a wall or other surface.  Just remember to only place items on the front side!
Both units are 73" high and 24-3/4" wide.  The legs stick out about 12" from the middle.
Stock Number


Price Each  
FCL62/EC Chainlinx 62" High Free-standing Panel with T-Shaped Legs (not shown) $118.00  
FCL73/EC Chainlinx 73" High Free-standing Panel with T-Shaped Legs $130.00  
FCLG74/EC Chainlinx 73" High Free-standing Panel with L-Shaped Legs $149.00  

ChainLinx Four Arm Rack
A great looking Four Arm Rack to go right alone with the other parts!
Each rack has two 10" wide ChainLinx panels and four adjustable 16"L Face-out Arms.
Extra Face-Out Arms are sold separately, so you can "double hang" shorter items if needed. 70" high overall.
Stock Number


Price Each  
FCR104/EC Chainlinx Four Arm Rack, with Four 16"L Arms $170.00  
FCS16/EC Extra 16"L Face-out Arms $5.00  
ChainLinx Double Hang Rail Floor Rack
This fixture comes with two 48"L Hang Rails that can be adjusted in height as desired.
You can order accessories (as shown below) that can be added to the exteriors of the
side panels, such as shelves, face-outs, hooks, baskets... you name it!
Rack measures 50-1/2"L x 24-3/4"W x 60"H.
Stock Number


Price Each  
FC60/EC Chainlinx Double Hang Rail Floor Rack $271.00  
ChainLinx Gondola Floor Rack
One of the most popular floor rack, and not surprisingly!  You can accessorize both sides
of the center panel, plus both end panels.  12' of linear display in all!  All accessories are sold separately and shown below.  Rack measures 50"L x 25"W x 61"H.
Stock Number


Price Each  
FC61/EC Chainlinx Gondola Floor Rack $303.00  






Shelf Bracket



FCH Hooks

ChainLinx Accessories
Add whatever parts you need to create just the right ChainLinx display.
Be sure to plan ahead and order some extra parts that let you quickly change the
presentation as needed.  Maybe you need to hang something now, but shelves are
required later on.  You can always add parts later if desired, but there's no substitute
for planning ahead! 
If you're not sure just what parts you need to make your presentation
work,  just give us a call or send an email for help.
Stock Number


Price Each  
DA224/GY 13"x24" Duron Grey Shelf (Sold in boxes of 4 only) $60.00/box  
FGB12/EC 12" Shelf Bracket (Order two for each 13"x24" shelf) $3.25  
FC7B/EC 7 Ball Waterfall Face-out Arm $7.00  
FCS16/EC 16" Straight Face-out Arm $5.00  
FCH4/EC 4" Hook (Sold in boxes of 24 hooks only) $20.40/box  
FCH6/EC 6" Hook (Sold in boxes of 24 hooks only) $22.80/box  
FCH8/EC 8" Hook (Sold in boxes of 24 hooks only) $24.00/box  
FCBAL6/EC Display Ring for basketball, volleyball, soccer, etc. $3.20  
FC410/EC Side View Shoe Shelf $2.50  
FCB11/EC Wire Display Basket, 24"W x 12"D x 4"H $14.50  



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