As you are probably aware, effective Monday, September 24, 2018 the Office of the United States Trade Representative announced a 10% tariff
on $200 billion dollars worth of goods and products imported from China.
This affects the products pictured and priced on this web page.  Since we are hopeful that this issue will be resolved we are not changing the item prices shown below.
Instead, a line item will be added to your order showing a 5% Tariff Charge.  We will absorb the remaining cost at this time. 
We will immediately cease adding this item the moment the tariff is no longer collected.
Thank you for your understanding and cooperation!

Zippered Garment Covers

Let your customers take your company name with them wherever they go...
Vinyl Taffeta 3 Gauge Commercial Grade Garment Bags from

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Free* Printing on all Garment Covers shown below.
(*excludes one-time set up charge)
Hot Stamp Printing Details
Custom Logo one-time set up charge....$ 85.00
(B/W camera-ready artwork required for Logo printing. Please provide in .ai, .eps or .tiff format actual size up to 6"x6" maximum.)
Hot Stamping Colors:

Beige Grey Navy Blue
Black Hot Pink Orange
Burgundy Light Blue Purple
Copper Light Brown Red
Dark Brown Light Green Royal Blue
Dark Green Light Pink White
Gold Matte Teal Yellow

40" Long Suit Covers

40B/G Black with Gold Trim $ 135.00 per 100
40B/B Black with Black Trim $ 135.00 per 100
40R/B Red with Red Trim $ 135.00 per 100
40G/B Grey with Grey Trim $ 135.00 per 100
40/L Blue with Blue Trim $ 135.00 per 100
40/W White with White Trim $ 135.00 per 100
40/Y Yellow with Yellow Trim $ 135.00 per 100
40/N Brown with Brown Trim $ 135.00 per 100
40/S Silver with Silver Trim $ 135.00 per 100
40/T Beige with Beige Trim $ 135.00 per 100
40/V Dark Blue with Dark Blue Trim $ 135.00 per 100
40/H Green with Green Trim $ 135.00 per 100
40/K Burgundy with Burgundy Trim $ 135.00 per 100
40/NY Navy Blue with Navy Trim $ 135.00 per 100
40/C Crystal Clear $ 140.00 per 100

Sold in full cartons of 100 per color only.

54" Long Suit Covers

54B/G Black with Gold Trim $ 168.00 per 100
54B/B Black with Black Trim $ 168.00 per 100
54/W White with White Trim $ 168.00 per 100
54/N Brown with Brown Trim $ 168.00 per 100
54/S Silver with Silver Trim $ 168.00 per 100
54/T Beige with Beige Trim $ 168.00 per 100
54/V Dark Blue with Dark Blue Trim $ 168.00 per 100
54/H Green with Green Trim $ 168.00 per 100
54/K Burgundy with Burgundy Trim $ 168.00 per 100
54/NY Navy Blue with Navy Trim $ 168.00 per 100
54/C Crystal Clear $ 178.00 per 100

Sold in full cartons of 100 per color only.


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