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There's practically no limit to the choices now available for Slatwall from FixturePronto.
Current COVID-19 conditions have severely reduced the available materials.  Please call or email for availability and prices.




Frost White Slatwall Swiss Almond Slatwall Silver Cloud Slatwall Brushed Aluminum Slatwall Fog Gray Slatwall Basic Black Slatwall
  White   Almond Silver  Aluminum Gray  Black
Natural Birch Slatwall Medium Oak Slatwall Cherry Slatwall Summer Flame Slatwall Mahogany Slatwall Chocolate Slatwall
Maple  Oak  Cherry Summer Flame Mahogany Mocha Java

The Basic Series Slatwall features a Low-Pressure Melamine (LPM) surface over a solid Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF).
While not a durable as a High-Pressure Laminate (HPL) surface, it provides an excellent vertical surface finish at a lower cost
than an HPL board. The standard slatwall panel has 3" On-Center (OC) groove spacing, with a half groove at the top and 
bottom of each board. That way you create an invisible seam inside another groove when stacking one board on top of another
to go over the 4 foot high level.

Stock Number Description    
Aluminum Inserts
Custom Laminate
Shown Above
Aluminum Inserts are extruded metal inserts that are factory
 installed and provide the greatest load-capacity and strength.
call for pricing  
SWLPM-W White      
SWLPM-AL Almond      
SWLPM-S Silver       
SWLPM-BA Brushed Aluminum      
SWLPM-G Gray      
SWLPM-B Black      
SWLPM-MP Maple      
SWLPM-O Oak      
SWLPM-CY Cherry      
SWLPM-SF Summer Flame      
SWLPM-MH Mahogany      
SWLPM-MJ Mocha Java      
SW-PAINT Paint Grade      
(not shown)      





You mean all those finishes above didn't cover what you want? That's Ok!
FixturePronto also offer the following specialty finishes with all the same optional groove treatment.
Some of these materials may not be immediately available, so please be prepared to give us a little more time.

Stock Number Description 1-29 Panels 30+ Panels
SWRW-O Real Oak Veneer Call for price Call for price  
SWRW-B Real Birch Veneer Call for price Call for price  
SWRW-M Real Maple Veneer Call for price Call for price  
SW-MIR Acrylic Mirror Call for price Call for price  
SWHPL-*** H.P.L(aminate) Call for price Call for price  
*** Specify any standard grade laminate from
WilsonArt, Pionite, Formica, Nevamar.

Slatwall Panel Specification and Load Capacities
Standard Panel size is 48"H x 96"L. 
Standard Groove Spacing is 3" On Center x 96"L.
Additional sizes and spacing available by quote.
Cross-Groove Panel (96"H x 48"L) add $15.00 per board.
Weight Load tests have shown the standard non-reinforced groove to support approximately 36 pounds per bracket at  6" from the panel face using brackets spaced at 18" apart.
Metal inserts increase the above load capacity to approximately 75 pounds per bracket.
Please keep in mind that the greater the depth of the shelf used, the more cantilever force is placed on the slatwall panel. Due to various conditions and customer use we cannot make any guarantees of capacity or wear-date.
Please feel free to submit any list of questions or custom needs to
FixturePronto for a prompt response.

Crating and Freight Charges are additional. We will ship from the production facility closest to your destination point.
With plants located throughout the USA,
FixturePronto will save you as much as possible on shipping costs.

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