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Bendable Mannequin with Removable Head

For all those buyers that need a realistic looking mannequin that can be posed to stand and sit.
Even holding or using things that are crucial to display...
Extremely popular for civil and military court and re-creation purposes.
And fashion merchandisers that need to show action in their displays.
Also great for trade shows where a mannequin takes a beating...

Female measurements are 34" bust, 28" waist, 39" hips, 68" tall.
Male Measurement are 39" chest, 30" waist, 40" hips, 72" tall.
Body is made of a flexible foam with wire running throughout to hold the pose. The head can be rotated or removed.
A square metal stand is included and goes into a hole in the bottom of the right foot.
So if you want to dress with shoes please keep in mind that you need to make a hole in the shoe to use the stand.
Otherwise, you can pose in a way to support himself by holding on to something to free-stand without using the stand.

Model Number Description 1-9 Units
 Price Ea.
10+ Units
 Price Ea.
FLEXF-2G Female Flexible Mannequin with Molded Face,  Grey $649.00 $620.00
FLEXM-2G Male Flexible Mannequin with Molded Face, Grey $649.00 $620.00
  Abstract Face is a special order. 2 week production.    

  Flexible Child Mannequins
FixturePronto also offers a line of Bendable, Flexible Child Mannequins as well.
But they are not an exact match to the Adult Flexible Mannequins.
For the closest match we recommend ordered the Child Mannequins in the  Creme or Grey Jersey color.
(You can click on the color swatch for a closer look)
Grey  Black  Tan  Creme 
  NBC-B Optional Brushed Metal Neck Cap 
FlexKids are Bendable Children's Mannequins that can also be posed anyway you want.
This line is covered in a jersey cloth and includes a flat wood neck disk, except for those units ordered with the head.
Pictured to the left in Creme Jersey.
You can also order an optional Brushed Metal Neck Cap if preferred over the wood neck disk.
 If you plan to have them stand all by themselves, be sure to order an optional metal base.
Model Number   Description  1-9 Units  Ea. 10+ Units  Ea.
CFM1-**N 6-12 Mo. Old, no head, 17.5" chest, 17.5" waist, 18.5" hips, 20" tall $  97.00 $  92.00
CFM2-**N 2-3 Yr. Old, no head, 20.5" chest, 19" waist, 20.5" hips, 30" tall $  98.00 $  93.00
CFM4-**N 4-5 Yr. Old, no head, 25" chest, 21" waist, 24" hips, 34" tall $109.00 $104.00
CFM8-**N 8-10 Yr. Old, no head,  26" chest, 23" waist, 24" hips, 44" tall $120.00 $114.00
CFM12-**N 11-12 Yr. Old, no head, 28" chest, 23.5" waist, 28" hips, 49.5" tall $175.00 $166.00
HD-2N Child's Hat Displayer $  34.00 $  32.00
NBC-B  Brushed Metal Neck Cap  $    9.00 $    8.55
CFM1-**H 6-12 Mo. Old, with head, 17.5" chest, 17.5" waist, 18.5" hips, 26.5" tall $125.00 $119.00
CFM2-**H 2-3 Yr. Old, with head, 20.5" chest, 19" waist, 20.5" hips, 37" tall $126.00 $120.00
CFM4-**H 4-5 Yr. Old, with head, 25" chest, 21" waist, 24" hips, 40.5" tall $138.00 $131.00
CFM8-**H 8-10 Yr. Old, with head,  26" chest, 23" waist, 24" hips, 52" tall $149.00 $142.00
CFM12-**H 11-12 Yr. Old, with head, 28" chest, 23.5" waist, 28" hips, 56.5" tall $203.00 $193.00
MB-1/4 Metal Base for CFM1, CFM2 & CFM4 13.00 12.00
MB-8/12 Metal Base for CFM8 & CFM12 17.00 16.00
**Please include the Color Number when ordering:
Grey- 61, Black- 64, Tan- 65, Creme- 63 

All FlexKids are supplied with a loop at the back of the neck for hanging!
Please allow 1-2 weeks for production.

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