For over 30 years, Contemporary TensaBarrier® Posts
have proven their stripes under the toughest conditions
in airports, banks, theaters, stores, hotels, concert halls
and convention centers.
QueueWay Stainless Steel Post
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the "QueueWay Series" selection page.
Contemporary Post                           Contemporary Post
With all that experience, there have been several things learned.
To make a better crowd control barrier you
need to make sure you include the patented SlowRetract® belt
mechanism so the belt will retract slowly and safely.
And the automatic locking receivers will help prevent the belt from being accidentally released.

Don't be fooled by "imitation"
Post & Belt manufacturers!

889 Contemporary Model comes in 15 durable metal finishes
with a retractable belt offered in 36 stock colors.
Custom printed belts available at extra charge.
FixturePronto for cost and lead-times.)

 We're so confident of the reliability and durability that this
TensaBarrier has a Lifetime Limited Warranty!
If a standard TensaBarrier post ever fails to perform due to a defect in manufacturing,
we will repair or replace it with the same
or equal product at no charge. Belt cassettes covered for 5 years.

How to order TensaBarrier Contemporary Posts... (The part number is built from 3 basic components.)
1) The Model Number/Post Finish (which tells us if you want a matching Metal Base or an ABS Non-Scuff Base)
2) The Belt Color Code (which tells us what color belt you want)
3) The Belt Length Code (which tells us if the belt will be a Std. 7-1/2' Long, Max. 13' Long or No Belt for Receiver Post)

Example:    889U/21    -              R5                    -     STD
                 Model/Finish - Belt Number/Color - Belt Length

So this would result in a Contemporary Model with a Red Post and Metal Base, having a Red 7'-6" Belt.

If all this sounds too complicated, just contact
FixturePronto with your specific needs, and let us help you figure out the correct model numbers!
There's a complete line of accessories for these TensaBarrier Posts.
Please CLICK HERE to view the entire line.

METAL FINISH Matching Metal Base Basic Non-Scuff Base*
  889U 889B
-STD 7'-6" -MAX 13'  -RCV None -STD 7'-6" -MAX 13'  -RCV None
All Powder Coated Finishes (Please specify)            
1P Polished Chrome            
1S Satin Chrome            
2P Polished Brass w/ UltraCoat            
2S Satin Brass w/ UltraCoat            
3P Polished Stainless Steel            
3S Satin Stainless Steel            
  *Specify Black, Blue, Red or Gray for Non-Scuff Base    

Post Finishes

Polished Chrome Satin Stainless Steel Polished Brass Satin Brass UltraCoat
1P- Polished Chrome 1S- Satin Chrome 2P- Polished Brass 2S- Satin Brass
Red Mid Blue Green White
21- Red 23- Blue 28- Green 32- White
Satin Black Yellow Hammer Grey Charcoal Grey
33S- Satin Black 35- Yellow (textured) 73- Hammer Grey (textured) 80- Charcoal (textured)
Silver Silver Vein Dove Grey Beige
91- Silver 64- Silver Vein 92- Dove Grey 100- Beige (textured)

Belt Colors

Color Chart
No Extra Charge for Pre-printed Message Belts as an option to any TensaBarrier Unit shown above!!!
Just use the two-letter code below in place of the standard belt code
"Please Wait Here" - BC (White letters on Black Belt)
"This Lane Closed" - BD (White letters on Black Belt)
"Authorized Access Only" - RA (White letters on Red Belt)
"No Entry" - RB (White letters on Red Belt)
"Caution - Do Not Enter" - YA (Black letters on Yellow Belt)
"Cleaning in Progress" - YC (Black letters on Yellow Belt)
"Danger- Keep Out" - YD (Black letters on Yellow Belt)
"Out of Service" - YE (Black letters on Yellow Belt)
Please Note:
All message belts are printed on both sides.
The message belts above are offered in pre-printed color combinations.
(Any other option would be a custom order with additional charges and lead-times.)

There's a complete line of accessories for these TensaBarrier Posts.
Please CLICK HERE to view the entire line.


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